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Shareholder Section

Shareholder services are a vital and important facet to our operations. We strive to offer the very best service to each and every shareholder. We have included links to the forms needed in completed shareholder transfers, restriction removals, DWAC’s and other transactions. Additionally, please read through our FAQ section below for answers to many questions you may have. If you find that your question cannot be answered or a form you need is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

  • Transfer of Stock

  • Restricted Stock

  • Lost Certificate


  • What is a “registration”?

    A “registration” is the way the securities industry refers to the names or entities securities are registered in. It also designates how the shares are held such as joint tenancy, tenants in common, etc. and indicate various ownership values.


  • What is a”stock power?”

    A stock power is a securities industry power of attorney form. When TranShare receives a properly executed stock power, we view it as the current owner(s) giving TRANSHARE permission to transfer ownership of the shares to a third party.


  • What is “Medallion Signature Guarantee?”

    Written confirmation by a financial institution such as a bank or brokerage firm that a customer’s signature is valid and pertinent documents have been presented and deemed to be authentic. Financial institutions belong to one of three Medallion Signature Programs. For your protection, TranShare requires a Medallion Signature Guarantee on negotiable documents such as a stock power to ensure that those endorsing negotiable documents are, in fact, the registered owners whose names appear on the face of the certificate.

    The following Medallion programs are recognized by TranShare and the Securities Transfer Association:

    STAMP – Securities Transfer Association Medallion Program

    SEMP – Stock Exchanges Medallion Program

    MSP – New York Stock Exchange Medallion Signature Program


  • What is required to change my account address?

    Please contact us to change your address. 

    If your shares are held by a brokerage firm, your firm should be notified of your address change. For your protection, verbal address changes will not be accepted.


  • What is required to change the name(s) under which my stock is registered?

    In order to transfer your shares to a new shareholder you must:

    Complete the back of your stock certificate or complete a “stock power”. The endorsement on either document must be exactly as your shares are registered on the face of your certificate. Your signature must be Medallion Signature Guaranteed. A Medallion Signature Guarantee can be obtained from a bank, trust company, credit union or brokerage firm participating in an approved Medallion Guarantee program.

    Due to the fact that the signed stock certificate or the certificate and the signed stock power are negotiable documents, they should be sent to our office with a letter of instructions via certified, registered or express mail and insured for approximately 2% of the current market value. This is the approximate cost to replace your certificates if they are lost.

    If you wish to change the registration of your shares due to a change in your marital status, please provide TranShare with your share certificate, a stock power and a letter of instructions. Please note that you must sign the stock power with your previous name and your new name. For example, “Jane Doe, now known as Jane Smith”. Your signature must be Medallion Signature Guaranteed making it necessary for you to present the documents describing your change in status to the financial institution providing the Medallion Signature Guarantee.


  • What documentation is required to request a corporate transfer?

    Corporate transfers require the following documentation:

    1. Completion of the back of the certificate or a stock power with the Medallion Signature Guarantee of a currently authorized officer(s) of the corporation.

    2. A corporate resolution signed by the corporate secretary with his or her signature Medallion Guaranteed confirming the transfer and naming the person(s) authorized to make the transfer on behalf of the corporation. This resolution must be dated within six months of the transfer date and must evidence the corporate seal or state that no corporate seal exists.

    3. If the corporation is transferring shares to an officer or director of the corporation, a corporate resolution signed by an officer or director other than the transferee with his or her signature Medallion Guaranteed authorizing the transfer is required.

    4. If the corporation is transferring shares to the sole officer of the corporation, the corporate resolution should be one made by the majority of the board of directors rather than the corporate secretary. If the corporation’s sole officer is also the sole director, we will require a statement by an acceptable financial institution confirming the transferee’s status as the sole officer and director.


  • How do I replace a lost, missing or stolen stock certificate?

    If you discover that your stock certificate has been lost, is missing or has been stolen, please contact our office immediately.

    TranShare will place a “stop transfer notice” on the lost certificate upon receipt of your verbal, faxed or e-mail notification of the loss. Subsequent to that notification TranShare will e-mail or fax an “Initial Written Notification of Certificate Loss”. This form and the accompanying cover letter will describe in detail the replacement process. You must return the completed “Initial Written Notification of Certificate Loss” to our office within three (3) business days with a check payable to TranShare in the amount of $100 USD in order for the “Stop Transfer Notice” to remain in place.

    The term of the “stop transfer notice” is thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the initial notification.

    During that time period, TranShare will require the registered owner(s) to obtain an open penalty surety bond equal to approximately 2% of the current value of the security. Please contact your insurance representative to obtain this bond.

    In addition, TranShare requires the completion of our “Affidavit of Loss” and “Stock Certificate Replacement Request” which may be obtained from the website under “Shareholder Forms” or may be obtained by contacting our office. The completed forms must be accompanied by a check payable to TranShare in the amount of $40.00 USD to cover the certificate replacement.

    If TranShare does not receive the required documents and a check within that time frame, we will rescind the “stop transfer notice” and honor any legitimate, properly documented request for transfer.


  • What is an “issuer?”

    Issuers are legal entities able to issue and distribute securities, paying dividends if declared and reporting to shareholders. Issuers are corporations, municipalities, governments and investment trusts.


  • What is an “affiliate of the issuer?”

    A person that directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls or is controlled by or is under common control with an issuer.

    This includes any relative or spouse of such person or any relative of such spouse residing with such person.

    It also includes any trust or estate any of the persons specified above collectively own ten (10) percent or more of the total beneficial interest or serve as trustee, executor or in a similar capacity.

    It further includes any corporation or other organization, excluding the issuer, in which any of the persons described above are the beneficial owners collectively of ten (10) percent or more of any class of equity securities or ten (10) percent or more of the equity interest.


  • What is a “stop transfer?”

    An order placed on a security reported lost, missing or stolen that prevents its transfer until such time as the security is either replaced or located.


  • What is an “open penalty surety bond?”

    An insurance bond meant to protect a transfer agent and shareholder against loss in connection with a lost, missing or stolen stock certificate being presented in the future after a “stop order” has been placed.


  • What is a “record date?”

    The date used to determine the shareholders of record in connection with a corporate action.


  • What is a “payable date?”

    The date shareholders of record receive the benefits of a corporate action.


  • What is a “stock split?”

    An increase or decrease in the number of outstanding shares of a stock without any change in shareholder equity or the aggregate market value as a result.




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