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What We Do

Transhare is a full service stock transfer agency and registrar specializing in serving publicly traded micro-cap, small-cap and mid-cap companies. We help both publicly and privately held companies wishing to enter the public arena.

Our transfer agent and registrar services include the maintenance of our issuer’s security registers, the issuance, registration, retirement and cancellation of all stock certificates, legal and unusual transfer processing and the in-house design and printing of each issuer’s company logo and stock certificate.

Our corporate action and agent services include escrow, warrant, rights offerings, forward and reverse splits, name changes and corporate reorganizations and stock buy-back programs.

Transhare offers many other ancillary services that may benefit your company.

Securities Transfers and Issuance

Transhare Corporation is dedicated to the precise and timely issuance and transfer of equity securities and interacts with The Depository Trust Company, broker/dealers, issuers and shareholders in the course of processing these transactions.

Stock Certificate Printing

All Issuer stock certificates are designed and printed in-house. This is a direct cost benefit to our issuers and allows on-the-fly modifications for a change in control or any number of other developments that often occur with the evolution of young companies. Additionally, our issuers are never charged for the designing of their certificates. Just another one of the benefits you enjoy when you become a Transhare client.

Proxy Services

Transhare Corporation provides proxy services for its issuers in conjunction corporate actions requiring shareholder approval. Transhare Corporation assists the issuer with determining the dates in connection with the proxy meeting, printing and mailing of proxy materials to the shareholders of record, the tabulation and the certification of proxy votes and acting in the capacity of “Inspector of Elections” for the proxy meeting.

Corporate Actions

Transhare Corporation efficiently processes all corporate actions. These actions include mergers, acquisitions, stock splits, spin –offs, name changes and changes in management. We further assist our issuers with shareholder mailings when asked and disseminate shareholder reports on request.


Transhare offers EDGAR filing solutions to small public companies, securities attorneys, venture capital firms and investment management companies.

Transhare offers top notch service at a savings of 25% to 50% with up front pricing and no hidden costs.

Transhare completes EDGAR conversions within 48 hours of receiving your completed document. You may also request “RUSH” service for a minor additional fee making a one hour turn around possible.

Records Retention and Electronic Information

Transhare Corporation maintains complete and accurate records of all transactions through our state-of-the-art system. Our permanent records are compliant with SEC regulations and are readily accessible. All shareholder reports are available electronically upon request. In the near future, Transhare will be adding electronic access to those reports through our website.

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