OTC Market Tiers

The OTC market is made up of many different types of companies, ranging from OTCQX companies worthy of investor consideration to economically distressed companies to speculative shell companies.

Due to the wide range of OTC companies, Pink OTC Markets developed the OTC Market Tiers to help bring increased clarity, transparency and disclosure to the OTC Market. All non-OTCQX OTC securities are assigned a Market Tier based on their reporting method (SEC Reporting, Alternative Reporting Standard) and disclosure category – Current, Limited or No Information.

Securities listed on OTCQX, the highest OTC Market Tier, are required to have Current disclosure in addition to the QX listing requirements. Securities within OTCQB Market Tier must be SEC, Bank or Insurance reporting and must be Current in their disclosure. The OTC Market Tiers, ranked from highest to lowest, include: Continue Reading at otcMarkets.com